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Deepa LOVES to dance. She studies a dance from India called Bharatanatyam that is like moving poetry! But since her dance is different from what her friends at school do, she isn’t sure if she should share it. Is there someone like Deepa in your class at school? What passion might you two share? Read to find out how you two are alike, how you are different, and how you could be friends to one another.
Kala Vandanam Press | 2022





"As a teacher, I love the illustrations and how key concepts are highlighted in creative ways. This will help early and developing readers with their concepts of print and will engage grade level and advanced readers as well."

"I think this book isn't just for Indian-Americans or Bharatanatyam dancers; it's for anyone who has ever felt anxious about sharing something that they love just because it might be perceived differently by others."

"Everything about this book is BEAUTIFUL !!
Yes, the story; Yes, the illustrations, but for me the biggest deal are the MESSAGES that come through.

* We all have fears and doubts.
* We can support each other.
* There is more that unifies us than that separates us."

"This story crosses cultures and art forms to send a powerful message to young people about pursuing their passions and being open about their cultural identities."


About the Author

SUCHI SAIRAM is a daughter, wife, sister, friend, student, teacher, and maybe the silliest aunt around. She has way more than 50 kids, but none at home. Her 35+ year obsession with Indian dance and music is exceeded only by her obsession with chai and chocolate. Her love of science and engineering matches her passion for art. As an immigrant brought to the United States as a baby, this unique Indian-Texan-Minnesotan-American knows what it’s like to have your feet planted firmly in multiple places and identities.

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About the Illustrator

VIDYA VASUDEVAN is a children's book illustrator with over 16 years of experience, and thoroughly enjoys bringing ideas and stories visually to life. The diverse cultures of places she grew up, Uganda, Mozambique, India and later the US, contribute to a lot of the work she does today. Her post-graduate degree in English Literature, working as a layout designer at animation studio, and being an enrichment teacher create a constant stream of new ideas and ways of staying creative. Aside from illustrating, she loves spending time with family and friends, reading, writing, gardening, music, cooking, hiking and listening to her favorite podcasts.

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